Red Bird Restorative Gardens Free Virtual Design Workshop

How about a Spa Treatment for Your Garden & YOU?

... go from blah to Ahh... 

Join me for a FREE Virtual Design Workshop Training!

Indulge in bite-sized restorative garden design lessons for making your serene garden scene about beauty AND wellbeing.  


Just like a trip to the spa, your outdoor living area CAN BE a pretty space, BUT... if the treatments are only superficial, there is no lasting healing benefit. It just feels blah.

To be of real value & really benefit YOU, your space needs to be designed on purpose & backed by science so that it supports your health, peace, creativity - YOUR WELLBEING. 

During this Design Training, you'll learn my proven 

Beauty+Bliss Garden BlueprintTM:

Stylish restorative ambiance elements YOU seek in YOUR outdoor living space to have YOUR #gardencomfortzone.

Healing garden design treatments YOU need to restore beauty outside & feel bliss inside, right now. 

Core restorative garden design makeover moves that will help relax YOUR mind & renew YOUR space.

I'll guide you with easy steps so you'll know where to start & what to do to boost the Ahh experience of your garden living space.

The next LIVE round of this virtual training starts soon!  

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 Get restorative garden design treatments & take-good-care tips to 

transform your Blah space into your #HealingGardenHappyPlaceTM.

Let there be a glow about your garden that:

  • makes you happy
  • doesn't look trashy
  • and is your escape hatch from stress.

Are you and your garden ready for a spa treatment? 

Your outdoor space can help YOU take good care of YOU so you can get on with taking good care of others.

Hi hi! I'm Annie, head Red Bird at www.RedBirdRestorativeGardens and I'm so happy you are here. As a healing garden design ambassadress and serenity stylist, my mission is to help you connect more deeply and stylishly with nature's healing beauty and benefit. 

As the style-keen, holistically-inclined Red Bird you likely are, you're in search of ways to tune out stress and dis-ease and tune into your mind-body-soul connection, thanks to having your own slice of personal paradise. (Me too!)

With two decades+ of designing restorative landscapes under my belt and a lifetime using my own garden comfort zone for healing (as a caretaker and keeper-of-all-moving-parts), I've developed tips, trainings, designs to cultivate soulful #serenegreenscenes and outdoor living spaces where the side-effects are beauty outside and bliss inside. Let's unearth goodness right outside your door!  

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